Our Quality Policy

As a highly specialised supplier of high quality metal promotional pens and keyrings, we strive to provide our customers with products and services which meet or exceed their expectations by being a trusted partner and delivering on our promises.

We actively pursue a policy of continuous improvement in the quality of our service through the following Quality Principles and Procedures.

  1. Customer Focus
    • Proactive and timely interaction with our customers to understand their requirements and expectations.
    • Careful review of sales orders before acceptance to ensure we can meet customer requirements and the goods can be provided on time and to the right specification.
    • Maintain efficient connections and communication across organisational departments to enable us to act and adapt to changes in customer needs.
  1. Personal Commitment to Quality
    • All employees are aware and trained to deliver high quality standards in everything we do.
    • Promoting the culture of continual quality improvement.
    • We empower every employee to raise any issue that is not in accordance with our quality standards or has the potential to negatively impact our business.
    • Although the Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for quality, employees at every stage of order processing and production have a responsibility within their own areas of work to help ensure that quality is embedded within the whole of the company.
  1. Pro-Active Continuous Improvement
    • We improve through learning by seeking out ideas, understanding others’ needs, and communicating openly.
    • We monitor and review business specific legislation, standards and regulations to ensure compliance in all business quality aspects.
    • We perform regular reviews of our quality performance, objectives and procedures.
  1. Internal Quality Management Procedures
    • Training and development of our employees.
    • Reviewing of our internal processes and procedures.
    • Regular monitoring of customer feedback and implementation of a customer complaints procedure.
    • Management reviews of quality inspection reports, customer feedback and complaints.
    • Maintain effective communication across departments to process orders efficiently and accurately with clear work instructions and specifications.
    • Selection and performance monitoring of suppliers.
    • Inspection of goods and materials upon arrival to ensure they meet the required quality standards.
    • Clear planned production processes and stages for order tracking and identification.
    • Traceable percentage quality checks completed on all orders throughout the production process.
    • Identification, segregation and proper disposal of non-confirming products including reporting, assessment and review to prevent future recurrence where possible.
    • Implementing correct handling, storage and packing procedures.