Following our recent survey on the use of the paper catalogue, we have received some very interesting comments, especially from the veterans in the trade!

The majority of the replies were in favour of keeping the paper catalogue, however in the region of 40% of distributors use it infrequently or not at all and prefer to use our website for information. Our database and mailing list will be updated accordingly and the website is being updated on a regular basis as soon as we receive stock of the new products.

A number of distributors commented on pricing and would prefer a separate trade price list with either end user prices printed in the catalogue or no prices at all. On this particular point our opinion is due to the current volatility in currency markets, which could become even more volatile as the UK exits the European Union, it would be prudent not to print printed prices in the catalogue and have a separate digital price list. The new catalogue will be designed with different tinted coloured sections to differentiate price categories, in a similar way to the price search facility on this website.

We appreciate your feedback and comments which have certainly been helpful.