There is currently a definite trend in the promotional product industry for end user companies looking to move away from high volume low cost single use promotional items, with a greater focus on high quality products which are used by the target audience for a longer period of time. A typical example are low cost plastic pens which have a short life span and ultimately end up in the bin after only a short period of use.

All of the pens in our range have been designed to be refillable / re-useable. This is particularly relevant to pens fitted with G2 size Parker style refills. Artistica products fitted with G2 size refills have a write out length of 5,000 metres and Inovo Design items have an even longer write out length of 7,000 metres. This is between 5 and 7 times longer than a typical low cost plastic pen.

A simple analogy is a supermarket ‘bag for life’ as opposed to a single use plastic carrier bag!