Why be ordinary when you can be different!

The promotional writing instrument industry is awash with cheap and often unreliable products manufactured by huge companies in China supplying a worldwide mass market. Many of these companies are set up to manufacture products as cheaply as possible which is very often to the detriment of the product. Inovo Design is completely different. The pens are manufactured to a high specification by relatively small highly specialised companies on an exclusive basis. Most of the products are designed in-house and are registered with the Intellectual Property Office.

All Inovo Design pens are fitted with superb quality German made refills which rival brand name products at far higher prices. The ballpens are refillable with standard G2 size Parker style refills which are available from high street stationers or specialised on-line suppliers.

All of the products are marked in-house to an exceptionally high standard and quality inspected at our factory in the UK.

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